Balance, for Ermanno Scervino, is a harmony of contrasts: the expression of a personal vision that looks forward, preserving attention to detail and the taste for the most exquisite manual skills, in an endless quest for beauty. Beauty that is never static, never closed in a formula, on the contrary in constant evolution. Beauty that springs from gentle frictions: the most delicate laces combined with sturdy boots, or masculine tailoring that sculpts a sensual and voluptuous hourglass silhouette.
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  • The tension between masculine and feminine is the first principle of Ermanno Scervino's stylistic dynamics: a mercurial and fluid dialogue that materializes in infinite permutations, in a continuous passage of sartorial fabrics on feminine silhouettes, of seductive patterns on precisely cut tailoring. This season, checks and Prince of Wales patterns are used allover on entire outfits: they swarm on elongated blazers, tops, short skirts and leggings, creating optical colorblock effects. Blazers and coats with an irrepressible line are transfigured by the animalier motifs, by the tactile richness of velvet, while coats and overcoats with a sailing flavor have enveloping volumes, nautical hoods, practical details. The down jacket is worn with the guepiere top and the pencil skirt; the oversized paletot on the flounced lace dress. Fringes and embroidery run through the pullovers and knitted outerwear. Lace, bouclè, tweed, chiffon, velvets blend studiously, creating counterpoints of textures that accompany a chromatic path pervaded by white and black, either on their own or mixed, with touches of yellow, blue, green and flashes of animal prints. The result is a harmony of contrasts that celebrates a woman’s uniqueness, her ability to live the present with awareness but without nostalgia.

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