Scervino Heritage

“I always wanted to be a designer. Even as a child, I dreamt that I would one day dress the most beautiful women in the world.”

Scopri la storia di Scervino
Born in Milan, as a boy Ermanno Scervino moved to Florence, the city he considers to be his home for both personal and professional reasons. During his childhood, he spent his summer holidays at Forte dei Marmi, a favourite of some of the greatest female figures of Italian cinema like Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and Monica Vitti. His winter holidays were spent on the slopes of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the epitome of chic destinations.

These experiences would lay the groundwork for his aesthetic philosophy early on. After working with the greatest Italian masters of fashion and luxury and soaking up the atmospheres of the coolest cities of the ‘70s and ‘80s (including New York, where he encountered Andy Warhol and the legendary Studio 54), at the end of the ‘90s, he met Toni Scervino, who would provide the business push to his creative mind.

As a devotee of Tuscan excellence himself, Toni gave him the support and decisive encouragement that would finally launch his brand and translate into reality his childhood dream of dressing the world’s most beautiful women.
"La bellezza del Made in Italy è il cuore di questo mestiere."

The Ermanno Scervino brand was officially founded in Florence in 2000. The choice of the Tuscan capital as the head office for the brand was essential, as the Made in Florence concept, a set of values arising from tradition, the most skilled handcraftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technical skills, is indivisibly bound to the brand's essence.

The new headquarters in Florence

The modus operandi of Ermanno Scervino, who loves to follow developments in his research in person by keeping in close touch with processes and creative experiments, led to the choice of inaugurating his new headquarters in Bagno a Ripoli, in the Chianti hills surrounding Florence, in 2007. The area is historically renowned for its famous production of lace and trousseaux for European aristocrats. The headquarters encompasses a couture laboratory and also hosts an atelier and prototype, tailoring, knitwear and packaging departments, all of which are in constant contact with the styling departments.

"I design the clothes just a moment before a woman wants them."


With his fashion, Ermanno Scervino reinvented the prêt-à-porter concept, turning it into couture-à-porter. Ermanno Scervino’s creations do not suffer the effects of industrial flattening; instead, they are produced using artisanal processes with a haute couture flair. From the choice of top-quality fabrics, the foundation to each creation, to the hand that designs, mannequin fittings and even the first patrons or collection showings, everything remains under the strict control of the stylist and his team, with no compromises or intermediate steps.

"The innovation was to take down jackets off the slopes into the city, making them glamorous and elegant"

A simple question born on the ski slopes of Cortina d’Ampezzo marked the beginning of Ermanno Scervino’s style: why couldn't the down jacket be glamorous and sensual? The designer thus began creating elegant and seductive outwear pieces, marrying beauty with functionality. For contrast, he paired with them feather-light and hyperfeminine slips that were visible, no longer hidden, and as exquisite as an evening gown. His creations immediately attracted an Italian and international clientele: from the first show, the orders started to rush in. Elite boutiques wanted the pieces from the new brand that was reflecting the desires at the time: innovative, independent luxury without preconceptions, featuring modern and unexpected pairings of materials and silhouettes. His tailoring techniques applied to sportswear inspired love at first sight. The unmistakable Ermanno Scervino style, synonymous with Italian quality and international style, had been launched.

"The Fashion House's skilful craftsmanship tells the sophisticated feminine charm in a whispered way thanks to details with an intimately romantic and contemporary charm"

"Work to serve women's beauty."